About us

I’m Ben.
That's BenAfter university I got some temp jobs before working a season as group leader at PGL, where I met Corrie.

We went off for a year traveling around the world. When we returned I got my first proper job as a marketing assistant. This led to my second proper job as web editor, then ecommerce manager, web marketing manager, and finally web development manager from where I was made redundant. The timing was good: after 11 years I’d had enough of sitting at a desk for a living.

I like making things out of code and words and wood, enjoy movies and music, love the great outdoors (especially wild camping) and have a big beard.

My ambition is to be a really good dad, and a ruddy-faced, happy adventurer.

I’m Corrie.
I'm CorrieI used to be a chiropractor / animal chiropractor.  I had hoped my choice of career would offer me independence and fulfillment, but for some reason I just found it… uninspiring.

Since Soren was born in 2007, I have been a full-time career mama.  I have finally found my motivation, but I’m not sure yet where that will leave me when the children are grown up.

So this free range adventure thing – what’s in it for me?  It’s not like I have an office to escape from and I have little ambition to be anything that I am not currently being.  I suppose I just want to make the most out of our family time, and that includes our whole family.  I want to grow, cook and make things, and teach those skills to our boys.  I want to take off on a camping trip just because the weather looks nice that morning.  And anyway, I like moving. I like the adventure of a new area and another house to fix up.  Maybe one day we will find our permanent place, or maybe not.

I like baking, sewing and being outside.  I am slightly addicted to online parenting forums.

Soren and MiloWe’re Soren and Milo.
We’re quite little.

We like playing and running, and riding our bikes, and making things with string and mud, and learning new things, and watching the birds, and watching DVDs and movies on YouTube, and reading books, and playing with toys….