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April 18th, 2012

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The casual observer might be forgiven for thinking that, since we live in rural France and┬áhave chickens and grow our own vegetables and so on, we’re a bit eco.

We’re not.

I don’t know why we’re not as undoubtedly we should be, but the reality is that we consume quite a lot of oil to heat our old and not that well-insulated house, use a fair bit of diesel in our big van, and, according to our water meter reading this morning, use a massive amount of water.

There must be a leak somewhere as I can’t believe we use that much, but until my investigations are complete I’m going to see if we can use less.

So for starters, I may adopt this washing up technique I found on a green forum:

  • Empty sink.
  • Locate plug.
  • Don’t fill the sink.
  • Start by adding detergent add hot water until there’s about one inch of water.
  • Use hot water tap only!
  • It will be cold to start with, but will get to a temp that suits your resistance.
  • Add cutlery to soak for later in the wash.
  • If you’re like me start with glasses.
  • Lay a glass on its side use cloth to clean with whatever water is available from the sink at this point.
  • Rinse soap from glass gently with hot water into same sink.┬áThis keeps your water hot and clean as you go.
  • As you get through your pile of dishes the water level increases and remains hot.