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A little holiday in Lacanau Océan

May 11th, 2013

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Wednesday and Thursday were bank holidays in France this week, leaving just Friday at school for Soren… but they ditched that to make a loooong weekend. So we had 5 days off and, for only the third time since we’ve lived here, we went on holiday!

Thursday morning we drove over to Lacanau Océan, about 3 1/2 hours west of here, to a big campsite not far from the beach. It was absolutely pissing down the whole way over, letting up slightly as I pitched our tent, then stopping altogether about 10 minutes after I’d pitched it. With about an hour left before they closed we quickly went to the new indoor pool they’ve built (a sort of mini Center Parcs thing) and it was awesome; the boys had a great time on the slides and rapids and waves. After dinner at the tent we walked down to the beach. It was beautiful but the wind was very cold! Anyway, the boys had a great time digging and making sand angels.

Friday was a clear, sunny day, still not warm but nice in the sun. We went to the beach first thing; it was pretty busy but it’s so HUGE that was fine. So digging and splashing and all that sort of thing. We walked along the beach into town for chips, croque-monsieur and Orangina (Milo fell asleep in the trailer) then all the way back to the campsite for a rest in the tent and the highlight of the boys’ holiday, rolling about in the sleeping bags pretending to be caterpillars. More water slide and rapid fun, followed by ice-creams and playground, then another evening trip to the beach. This time it didn’t go quite as well as the big boys both fell into the waves fully dressed and emerged soaking, crying and traumatised. We had spare clothes in the van so got them all sorted but from their point of view it was a disaster. We got back to the tent and after hot chocolate they got into their sleeping bags and were fine.

And then today we did some more pool stuff before packing up and driving home via Ikea (which is so far away that we tend to make the most of it whenever we pass by).

They’re nice, holidays.