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We’re moving to France!

July 11th, 2010

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It’s a pretty basic little place in the Haute-Vienne (sort of in the middle to the left), with several outbuildings, a couple of acres and lots of potential. Most importantly though it’s cheap: £65,000. We tried to find something similar in the UK but smaller places with less land were at least £200,000. So although moving to France is perhaps a little drastic, it seems like a sensible option, at least to us.

This is why it seems sensible to us….

I spend my days traveling to work, sitting at a desk in front of a computer, then traveling back, hardly seeing my children or daylight: I leave at 7:30am and get back at 6:30pm. Earning the money to pay for their life does make some sense – millions of westerners across the globe do things this way and my working day is certainly nothing unusual – but is there another way to do things? Could we live more simply, focussing on time rather than money?

Now we do have a bit of money stashed away, earned by buying a knackered house, doing it up, selling it, buying another knackered house, doing it up, selling it, then living in a rented house whilst our plan took shape. That should make it easier to not have to focus on money for a little while – not forever, but hopefully long enough for us to be able to figure out a way of getting a good healthy balance back into our lives.

So what was our plan going to be? We started talking through several alternative lifestyles around 2006/07.

  • We could buy a motorhome and travel around Europe.
  • Or even a yacht!

With 2 children and 3 dogs though it’s not straightforward.

  • Or how about buying some woods and living in a big tent?

Hmm, that sounds nice in summer but it would be nasty in winter.

  • Let’s move abroad!

Yeah, maybe. But it’s complicated, it’s not a wise way to spend a deposit on a house, what about the children and starting school, what about our family and friends here in the UK, what if we never find any work out there….

We know, we know. That’s why we’re calling it an adventure!

These are the photos taken by the estate agent. It looks better in real life… just about.