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Two ponies

March 18th, 2012

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Polly and Yléou

As of yesterday afternoon we’re now the proud guardians of two lovely ponies. Polly, the one on the right, is a small brown pony and Yléou, the one on the left, is a small brown pony.

Soren goes horse riding every Wednesday and is getting pretty good; he can gallop (they call it galloping in France but it’s actually cantering) and stand up on the saddle and turn round to ride backwards and various other things which are cool. Most importantly though he really enjoys it. Corrie has always wanted to get a horse for the boys so we thought, given that Soren likes horse riding and we have plenty of space, maybe this was a good time to do it.


A friend from nearby very kindly agreed to lend us her two ponies, Polly to ride and Yléou to keep her company. She drove them over in the back of her Transit van and we introduced them to their new home, letting them munch up the grass and rub against against the fence posts and run in and out of the stable.

As you may have guessed I know absolutely nothing about horses. Luckily Corrie does having had a horse when she was younger and having trained as an animal chiropractor, so all I need to do is look at them and carry buckets of water over.


They’ve been here for just over 24 hours but seem to have settled in nicely. I think we’re going to take them for a stroll along the track over the road a bit later, just so they get a feel for where they are.

It’s nice having some ponies about the place.