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What did you do today?

January 17th, 2012

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Let’s see… today is a weekday so my old self would have:

  • got up early
  • driven a long way to work (we always lived a long way from my work) listening to Radio 2 or Radio 4 if I was feeling grown up
  • did some webby stuff all day long at the office involving meetings, phone calls, emails and several ‘quick catch up’ cups of tea with colleagues
  • eaten a lunch consisting of sandwich, crisps and chocolate bar
  • driven home listening to Radio 2.

Today however I’m my current self and I:

  • got up quite early and played with Milo whilst Corrie took Soren to school
  • let the chickens out and collected the eggs (6! We’ve got 6 chickens, it’s freezing cold winter at the moment and they’re still giving us 4-6 eggs a day)
  • put up some stud work, measured, cut and screwed into place The Last Big Piece Of Plasterboard in the loft
  • had some (half) of Corrie’s delicious homemade quiche for lunch and some Tropical 7-Up (very odd)
  • sat in the sunshine with a pile of logs, a log splitter and a mallet and turned the big logs into smaller ones
  • made a bonfire with various bits of garden rubbish whilst
    • Soren trained one of the dogs (basically ran around the field with him)
    • Milo went looking for treasure (he found a ‘mouse cup’ – an acorn)
    • Corrie raked up loads of twigs from the bit round the back of the barns we always ignore and made it look nice(r)
  • pulled up 10 funny-looking stumpy carrots for tonight’s dinner.
  • made paper planes for the boys whilst Youth Lagoon played quietly on the stereo in the background.

I really, really, really preferred my current self’s day.