Our ‘new’ house project sort of begins. Just outside though

September 9th, 2013

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We’re buying another house.

Before you start complaining that setting up a property empire is hardly a simple, rural, frugal family existence, it’s a very cheap (and knackered) little house that’s next-door-but-one to us that’s not too tricky to do up and should be able to provide some sort of income. Right, that’s the explanations sorted.

Now, I’ve not mentioned this house before since it’s not technically ours yet and I thought there’s no real point. Our offer was accepted in February and, due to various strange bureaucratic ‘quirks’, it’s still not technically ours nearly 8 months later, but we’re assured that it’s almost there since all 27 owners (!) have signed and there’s just a few bits of paperwork to sort out. With the good weather nearly behind us we thought we should at least make a start on the garden before it got too wet, so we called in my brother (who, luckily for us, is a professional gardener).

He and I (although mainly he) spent 6 solid days getting rid of brambles, dead trees, fences, barbed wire, chest-height grass, an old barn, an old outhouse and an old wood store, and generally turning it from an overgrown jungle into something that has the makings of a really nice garden. The rest of this post doesn’t really require words, the pictures cover it. Suffice to say, brambles are fuckers.

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Yasmin September 9th, 2013 at 20:43

Wow. That garden is massive! All that done in 6 days!!!