Where the hell have you been!?

November 30th, 2015

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Yeah, sorry about that.

Regular readers from the old days may be wondering what’s been happening on our free range adventure. I’ll give you a quick catch up….

  • We bought the old house next door, spent a year doing it up, then sold it to a nice Belgian family.
  • We had some more children; twins! We now have five boys, aged from 8-months to 8-years old.
  • I continue to work with some lovely clients making websites for them – uncomplicate.me
  • We bought a couple of ferrets. They escaped and came back a week later. A little more time later we magically had three ferrets. They escaped again, killed some neighbour’s chickens, and only one of them came back. I am putting this experience into the ‘unsuccessful’ column.
  • I built some massive swings in the back garden, and we got a massive trampoline too, so our garden is now essentially an amusement park.
  • Er… I’m sure there were probably other things that might have been of interest at the time but I’ve probably missed my opportunity to mention them now.

Our simple life is now very hectic, and very noisy! I’d like to say I’ll get back into the blogging routine but, well, let’s see.

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